CCE Janitorial is your Los Angeles area expert when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your multi-family property. From expansive apartment communities with large footprints to multi-story apartment and condominium buildings to townhome communities, we have the knowledge and experience to keep these properties in the best condition possible.

Multi-family properties with large amounts of daily traffic can create a cleanliness headache if not cared for properly. CCE Janitorial uses the highest quality products to ensure the most impressive cleaning results possible. With residents, their guests, pets and children, multi-family properties require constant and thorough cleaning, including regular disinfection and sanitation. At CCE Janitorial, our expert cleaning services will provide the results property owners and their residents need.

At CCE Janitorial we understand our client’s unique needs and design custom service plans to fit each client and property. Our cleaning professionals can work early mornings, evenings and weekends to accommodate any client’s schedule.

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Our Multi-Family services include:

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As an owner or manager of multi-family properties, you know that cleanliness not only affects the residents who live at your property but can also be the determining factor when renting an apartment to a new tenant or selling a condominium to a potential buyer. High quality cleaning and upkeep can be the difference between a signed contract or not. At the end of the day, you want to always make the best impression. CCE Janitorial guarantees a professional approach to multi-family cleaning. We only use the highest quality commercial cleaning products to make your property shine. CCE Janitorial prides itself in being a partner at your property, not simply a vendor.

The CCE Janitorial team is fully trained in our uniquely designed CCE Sparkle specialty cleaning and disinfecting course well before they are approved to clean any client’s property. Our extensive training includes protocols from OSHA, WHO and CDC to guarantee you the highest level of services.

CCE Janitorial works seamlessly with property management companies who oversee multi-family properties. We will provide customized plans for each of your properties individually or collectively. Contact us today to discuss a plan and schedule that works for you.

“CCE gets the job done on time and with great pricing.”