Commercial cleaning services to keep your outdoor and exterior property in the pristine condition it deserves.

Exterior spaces can be a magnet for unwanted trash and debris. CCE Janitorial will maintain the clean beauty and functionality of your outdoor space with our professional exterior cleaning services in Los Angeles. We are capable of reaching the spaces that inefficient street sweepers miss.

We will clear your parking lots of discarded trash and spills left behind by cars and visitors to your property. We will remove trash and litter from parks and landscapes that prevent gardeners and landscapers from doing their job properly. We will clean and disinfect your outdoor dining patio so it sparkles as much as the dining room in your restaurant. We will keep your gas station’s driveways, pumping stations and parking spaces clear of unwanted trash and unattractive stains.

We will keep your dumpster areas clean and tidy ensuring waste stays in the dumpster and does not end up on the ground around it. Maintaining a clean and presentable outdoor space is key to providing a welcoming environment for your customers and clients. Contact us today to discuss an exterior cleaning plan and schedule for your property.

Our Outdoor services include:


What our clients are saying about us

Edward Apartment Complex Owner

CCE provides excellent service to my apartment buildings that my family owns. All of our properties are at least 40 years old so cleaning is vital to the properties. CCE does a great job and keeps them looking fantastic!

Laura Property Management Company

We were lucky to find CCE Janitorial! Our management company represents retail spaces throughout the Valley and we have probably gone through 20 different cleaning vendors. CCE gets the job done on time and with great pricing. And they are punctual!

Monika Veterinary Office Manager

We hired CCE to clean our two vet offices on the Westside in the evenings when everyone has left for the day. We come back the next morning and its spotless which is incredible for a vets office. I would refer them repeatedly.

Michael HOA Board President

I can't thank CCE enough for the great job they do at our HOA building every Monday! Lets just say the building looks like a bomb went off before they arrive and once they leave its sparkling. Mark is my favorite janitor! He smiles every time we walk by.

Deena On-Site Apartment Manager

Dependable. Trustworthy. Reliable. Honest. They are great!!! Their cleaners work hard and let me tell you, the work they do on our laundry rooms is incredible! CCE is a fantastic janitorial company that has provided great porter services to our apartment complex.

Ronald Asset Owner

We own a fitness center and three parking lots that CCE Janitorial cleans for us. We have been lucky to find them! Marco and Jimmy are cleaning wizards and work really hard to keep things looking good at all times, thank you CCE!

    “CCE gets the job done on time and with great pricing.”